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There is no argument that video is taking over the web. YouTube gets over 1 Billion unique visitors every month. Video currently makes up over 55% of online content and that number is continuing to climb. With good reason. Consider this:

  1. YouTube reaches more adults aged 18-34 than any cable network
  2. 80% of website visitors will watch a video and only 20% will read the content on a page
  3. 55% of consumers say that watching product videos increases their confidence in purchases
  4. The average American online user watched over 250 videos in 2013.

Video Guy

Something else you might not know, but should; YouTube is the world’s second most used search engine. When people want to learn something or do research for a purchase, they are going to YouTube more and more frequently. One of the reasons for that is the huge volume of information that is already there. In addition, new info is constantly being uploaded. In thirty days more video content is uploaded to the internet than all three major US T.V. networks have created in the past thirty years, combined.

But isn’t it hard to use video?

Isn’t it expensive?

Not if you sign up for my “Creating Free Online Video” workshop. Of course, everything depends on what you want to do. Specialized lighting, on location live sound, special effects, motion video, all of these things add expense. More people, more time, more elaborate software and more custom graphics mean more cash outlay. But you Web Buildingcreate simple, engaging video with either the tools you already have on your computer, or with the help of free and low cost online services.

What used to be complicated, hard to understand, and requiring hours of work has now been reduced to simple step-by-step tasks that virtually anyone can do, simply by following some easy to understand instructions.

Video Has Impact

Some products and services seem to be made for video. For instance studies have shown that in the US, real estate listings with videos receive over 400% more inquiries than those without videos

How Can a Small Business Use Video?

There are several different ways. Something as simple as a video brochure, listing your services and products, along with contact information and hours of business can provide a lot of useful information in as little as 30 seconds.

A product demonstration can help a potential customer decide if they should make a purchase.

A video compilation of testimonials is a powerful way to provide social proof and help remove any doubts in a viewer’s mind.

Something as simple as a collection of before and after photos, with either a voice over or a music track has far more impact than a sales pitch.

Low Cost and Free Video Creation Workshop

In this 90 minute workshop we are going to talk about and demonstrate several different types of videos that a business might want to create. We will identify their different purposes. And we will show you the simple-to-use tools online that allow anyone to make a quality video to help promote or market their business or organization.

This workshop will cover why, when and how to use video to improve your marketing, educate your viewers, improve the search engine ranking of your website if you have one, and encourage viewers to take a specific action. It will go over several free tools that allow you to make videos and will show you how to use them. You may already have software right on your computer that you can use today in video creation. If you don’t, the workshop will point you to where you can get it and show you how to use it.

We will also cover how to hold the viewer’s attention, where to use your videos, and how to use them most effectively. There will be examples of simple videos and step by step instructions on how to reproduce similar ones for your business or organization.

We will cover using videos on social media like Facebook, on your website, in classified ad sites, and cover the numerous places online where you can share your video so it can be found.

Some examples of simple videos:   Single item sales video    Service Promo     Testimonial Video     Real Estate (Product Demo)      Simple Coffee Shop Promo

All attendees will receive a two page handout with links to many of the resources discussed and demonstrated. Instructions on video creation will be laid out in point form in the handout.

At the end of the workshop, attendees will be given an opportunity to purchase access to a download location with the whole presentation as video files, detailed video walkthroughs of using the creation tools covered, a standalone 6 hour video course on video creation, checklists on video creation and how to optimize your videos for the search engines as well as a selection of royalty free music they can use on their videos.

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This workshop will be useful for businesses and for non-profit organizations. Attendees will go home with a CD that includes the presentation in video form, as well as a workbook and a task list that explains everything in a step by step manner

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