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If you are looking for small business online marketing information, then thanks for visiting this site.

When I first moved to Northumberland County and settled in Hastings village, in the municipality of Trent Hills, I noticed the lack of marketing on the part of most businesses. When I became active in the business community and started providing online marketing services in Campbellford, Warkworth, Cobourg and Port Hope I found that it was much the same all over. Some could argue that sophisticated marketing techniques aren’t needed in small rural areas. I would agree. However it is also true that this is an extremely low competition area. In most cases, even rudimentary online marketing skills can have a significant impact on local businesses. And that is one of the reasons I have transitioned into a business model that includes providing training for businesses that wish to improve their reach and revenue.

It is my intention to help you as much as I can, given the limits of this media. We should be able to get you a long ways down the road towards understanding local marketing using the internet with the information in this website. If you feel that you would like a little more, then contact me about my “Your Own Online Marketing Department”, my “Facebook for Business” or my “Optimize Your Local Google Page and Get Into the 3-Pack” courses.

I spent a long time in corporate life, after running my own business for four years. I never lost my love for the challenges and independence of being my own boss though. All through the long stretch of working for someone else, I kept learning. When the internet came along, the opportunity to jump back into it, at low cost, and in a small way opened up.

I put up my first website in 2003. I now am running a dozen of them. As my knowledge grew, I was able to provide assistance and advice to others. Then, in early 2011 I decided to make the jump and become a full time internet marketing consultant to local businesses.

This is a very different field than full bore internet marketing, where the world is the target. I help businesses sell to the potential customer just down the road, and around the corner. That customer is using the internet to do their research, and if they don’t find a local store, they are as likely to drive right past it to get what they want. I know that if I help the local business owner market his product or service better, I help keep that business going. And that business can employ local people, and small communities can stay healthy. You could say my goal is to be a resource for full employment in my own backyard. I think it’s possible. I am going to do my best.

I am currently actively involved in my own community, and am a member of the local historical society.

I buy and sell used books as a hobby.

If you ever wish to get in touch, contact me at:

Paul Stevens

Bootstrap Local Marketing

102 Belmont Seventh Line South

Havelock, ON