More Content Creation for Local Marketing in Cobourg, Port Hope or Trent Hills

You can boost your sites ranking and get more traffic with useful posts.

You can boost your sites ranking and get more traffic with useful posts.

Elevating the rank of your website in search engine requires content creation for local marketing results and is rarely the kind of thing you can do with a single homerun type of effort. But it is something you can do through incremental efforts. Certainly, getting a large news organization to write a story about your business, and then include a link back to your website will have an almost immediate impact. The likelihood of that happening is slight (not that you shouldn’t use press releases, because they can boost both your rank and traffic…more in another post). It is virtually guaranteed, however, that regular posts of interesting and useful information WILL boost your site’s visibility.

What do I mean by useful and interesting posts? Typically, information of the kind that is wanted and desired by your potential customers will do the trick. If you can feed them articles on topics that they want to know about, they will find your site, stay there to read the articles, come back for more and also share your site with like-minded friends and acquaintances.

Actually, getting a visitor to share a link to your site IS like hitting a home run, or at least a base hit. It means they have stayed on your site long enough to read a post (Google likes long stay times, and anything over 30 seconds is starting to verge on “long” in today’s internet terms) and if they share, then there is the opportunity to get additional visitors, who may also stay because they have similar interests.

So what can you write about? Let me give you a short list:

  1. Do customers or clients of your Cobourg or Port Hope business ask the same or similar questions over and over again? That is a custom “Frequently Ask Questions” list. Content creation doesn’t get any easier than this. Just list the questions and provide short informative answers. You should be able to do this easily since you are answering the questions all the time already.
  2. Are there some things that anyone about to use your service or product should know about? If you run an auto repair shop, what little maintenance tips will prevent major repair jobs? If you have a hair salon, what are the worst things a person can do to damage their hair? If you do home renovations, what should a potential client have thought about and researched before they even call you?
  3. Do you have products or services that can help people with problems or save them money? Write a short post about each one, with a description of the problems, the solutions and different ways to use your service or products.
  4. Are their new things happening in your field that could impact your existing or potential customers? Write about that.
  5. Is there an extremely good opportunity available for your customers or clients? Inform them of it and how it can benefit them.
  6. Is there going to be a demonstration, seminar, workshop or training that your customers, clients or prospects would be interested in, either organized by you locally in Trent Hills, or available online? Write a post and let them know. A post like this is custom made for an email that goes out to your list, letting people know about the opportunity (and coincidentally letting them see the value in checking on your website periodically).
  7. Have you found an online or offline resource of interest to people who could use your service or product? Think a fishing forum for a sporting goods supply store, or a recipe site for a grocery store etc. Write a short description of the resource, your impressions of it, give it a rating and include the link or access information.
  8. Has there been a news event related to your field that you can comment on? Include a link to the news item in your post and then go ahead and comment on it. Is it important or a lot of noise about nothing? Is it accurate or exaggerated? Use you expertise and help your visitors understand the new item better.
FAQ's, product info, and news in your field are all of interest to customers.

FAQ’s, product info, and news in your field are all of interest to customers.

As you can see, content creation doesn’t have to be hard; it just has to be done.

You can demonstrate your authority and also make you job simpler by taking care of some of this stuff ahead of time. Look, whether you get paid by the job or the hour, wouldn’t things run smoother and take less time if your eventual customer or client knew some things in advance, and you didn’t have to waste your time starting from scratch? Once you have created the content for your site, it doesn’t take much extra effort to print out a little flyer with the info on it and you can hand it out or email it to prospects that call, visit or email you about jobs. Save time and increase your own credibility while boosting your website’s ranking…win/win/win.

You don’t want to write the info out yourself? No problem, tell a staff person what you want and have them take a crack at it. You can then brush it up and correct any errors.

Have your webmaster create a blog page for your site and show you how to create posts. It is very easy. Then you have control over the process. Believe me; most webmasters would rather not be bothered having to deal with requests to post new info on a website every week.

I hope this short post has given you some content creation ideas about how YOU can create interesting and valuable content for your site. It doesn’t have to take long. It doesn’t even have to be done every week. If you feel in a writing mood, create two or three posts at once, and then put them up online once a week or every other week. This way you can write when you are in a good frame of mind for it. Remember to let your personality show through. You aren’t writing for a newspaper, or Wikipedia. You are a business owner trying to help out your customers and clients, so a friendly talkative tone is perfect. Good luck and get writing.

Content creation is just one of the six modules in my “Your Own Online Marketing Department” workshop. The workshop is six hours of solid gold material and the accompanying videos, workbooks and task lists are “…worth the cost of the workshop all by themselves” as one of the attendees put it. Everything is easier when someone takes you by the hand and walks you through the process one step at a time, and that is just what my Task Lists do for you for each module.

Call me now and finally take charge of your online marketing.

Paul Stevens, Bootstrap Local Marketing


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