Creating An Ebook for Northumberland Businesses

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Creating an ebook is easy to do

Creating an eBook is something I have never seen attempted by any business owner in Northumberland County, whether it’s Trent Hills, Cobourg, Belleville, Trenton, Brighton or Port Hope. And creating an eBook is so simple to do.

As a business owner you want, and need, to engage with customers and potential customers. And you want to demonstrate to them that you are capable and credible in your field of expertise. You can do that through standard online marketing methods, of course. But one of the best ways to do that is to provide your current or potential customers with some information that will help them solve a problem or will otherwise have value to them. When I suggest this as a smart small business marketing technique to most business owners they start getting a little hesitant. How are they going to do that? Then when they hear me say “How about creating an eBook,” they look at me like I am nuts. But hold on a second. Hear me out.

You Are an Expert

If you own a small business in Northumberland County, do you know how it works? Are you familiar with the ins and outs of the field you are operating in? Do you have a deeper background or access to more information in that field then your customers in Trent Hills or Cobourg? Do you have access to more experts? Of course you do. It is your job to make sure you are on the leading edge of the current trends, methods and technology in your field.

So tell me, can you answer a few questions about your particular niche? Could you and I sit down and talk about the problems facing most of the customers who deal with you? Could we talk about the solutions to those problems? Could we discuss the available products and technologies that can help solve those problem and can we talk about some new things that are on the horizon? Of course we could.

Can You Talk?

Did you know that about 20 minutes of conversation and a few images will work out to about 16 pages of written material? Did you also know that you can get 20 minutes of conversation transcribed for around $20.00?

So let me summarize. If you sat down and talked about your particular field of business, and you answered some questions, and recorded the 20 minute conversation, you would have the makings of a valuable 16 page report that you could then make available to your customers and prospects. And you could make it available to them by email. So you could get their email address. How hard is that? You can record the conversation on your smart phone. You can upload it to your computer through your charging cable. You can email it t0 a transcriptionist on (Go to and type “transcription” into the search field).

Get the transcription back in a couple of days and go over it correcting the inevitable errors that will be there. Now write about the document on your blog, on your Facebook page or even put up a poster in your business offering it to anyone who sends you an email asking for it. Then send it out as an attachment. And save that email. In two or three weeks, offer the eBook again. In no time you will have acquired an email list.

There. Creating an eBook was a simple straightforward task. And building that email list will be as well.

Creating an Ebook = Email List

With an email list you can continue to send out useful information. You can also let your customers and potential customers know of any promotions, specials or deals you are offering, and simply remind them that you are there. Once you have a list of people who have expressed interest in what you have, your small business is well on the way to having a relationship with each of them. And people buy from businesses that they know, like and trust. And you accomplished this because you decided you were going to start the process of creating an eBook. Each individual step is simple. You can do this. Get started today. Step one is to just start writing down the problems you know your customers are having. You know what to do next, so go do it.

Here’s a great article with additional details and free templates check out what Hubspot has to say on the process.



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