Alternative to Website Search Engine Optimization Rebuild

WebsiteSometimes, when a website is ranking on the fifth page of Google for a specific search term, it is easier to start over then try and drag the poorly ranked site up with search engine optimization. You might have a site that is doing just fine for several search terms, and your site could be showing up on the first page for 2 or 3 keywords. But there might be others that you can’t seem to touch.

It is going to be difficult to rank #1 for numerous keywords for the same site. In that case, building a brand new, targeted site may be in order.

This does not have to be expensive to do. Because you are targeted, the images, domain name, content and outbound and inbound links are all extremely congruent. Having this kind of simple alignment makes it easy to create the site and easy for Google to decide what the site is about, and whether or not it answers a searchers needs.

Take similar content and create a video or two, and when your search engine optimization efforts include local geographic modifiers (like Cobourg, Peterborough, Northumberland County or Trent Hills) and you upload some documents and slide presentations to sharing sites, all pointing back to your lead generation site and the next thing you know, it is ranking. And people using the search terms you have focused on will be finding your site. It is going to be hard to rank for “search engine optimization” but not so hard for “Northumberland County search engine optimization.” Fewer people competing with you. Fewer people searching for those terms as well, but how many new clients a month do you need to make a big difference in your business.

Of course, when they go there, they see your phone number and contact information, and they can then get in touch for additional information. This whole process is pretty straightforward and a great alternative to a completely website rebuild.

Here’s an example of a lead gen site:

Here’s another:

Neither site is very fancy, but they both rank quite well for their keyword phrases (you can figure those phrases out from the domain names).

When I am talking about search engine optimization in Cobourg, with local business owners, they generally don’t understand what terms they should be targeting. They think in very broad strokes. Like “car repair Cobourg.” As you can imagine, there is a lot of competition from established franchises, like Canadian Tire, Midas, various car dealerships and brand name tire places. But if they target specific types of repairs, like “suspension repair Cobourg” or ” brake repair Cobourg” there is much less competition. And what turns up is frequently from out of town. A new site, with individual pages targeting specific phrases is easy and quick to put up and can be a whole lot more effective.

I hope you found this article of some use.

Paul Stevens

Bootstrap Local Marketing

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