Facebook Marketing for Business


Every Business Needs Facebook

Every Business Needs Facebook

If you have a business and don’t have a Facebook page yet, or if you wonder if you are using it effectively, you need to understand Facebook marketing for business. I am running a Facebook training session in the Port Hope/Cobourg area.

This “Facebook Marketing for Business” training session will be about 3 hours long. It is scheduled for the middles of February.  Call me at 705-931-2223 about actual time and place, or just wish more information. All attendees will receive a CD with the presentation as two videos along with  a workbook, covering all the material in text form, with images from the presentation, and also a task list that lays out what you need to do in a step-by-step fashion.

Many of your potential customers and clients are on Facebook now, and it is so easy for someone to share your information with their own circle of friends, and Facebook does such a great job of tracking the demographics of it’s users that you really need to pay attention to it. Using Facebook for business is different from using Facebook for personal use. If you don’t understand this, then you could be wasting your time or even hurting your chances of making a sale.

We will quickly go over creating a FB account, for anyone who doesn’t have one, but the bulk of the session will be creating/optimizing your Facebook Business page. We will cover setting it up, generating traffic to it, creating posts, what to post, and how to engage potential customers.

I will also be covering what category you should be in, how to set up automatic postings, getting followers, maximizing shares, converting fans into customers, using Facebook Groups to get leads, and how to use Facebook advertising; how the ads work, what they cost, how to structure them for maximum results, how to target them so only interested people see them, and how to reduce the cost of ads.

Again, if you would like to attend this training, call me at 705-931-2223 or email me: pstevens2@gmail.com

Course Outline

Why Facebook

Creating Your Page

  • Creating a personal account on Facebook
  • How to convert an existing profile into a business page
  • How to create a business page
  • Features available based on the category of your business
  • Changing your category
  • Images on your page – cover and profile
  • Image Descriptions and Links
  • Calls to Action
  • Image creation tools and Social Media templates
  • Royalty Free image sources

 Using Your Page for Business

  • Your FB page strategy
  • Types of content
  • How you should post
  • Automatic posting on your FB page

 Using FB for Brand Awareness in Your Community

  • Local Awareness
  • Page Post Engagement
  • Using Videos

 Viewer Engagement

  • Getting Fans/Followers
  •                 Engagement
  •                 Partner businesses
  • Using stories
  • Links and Images

 Turning Fans into Sales – Don’t Start Selling

  • Growing Fans
  • How to ask friends
  • How to use FB ads to get likes
  • Capturing leads
  • Free lead generating tactics
    • Using posts
    • Using Cover Image
    • Using reminders
  • Nurturing leads
  • Using content marketing to nurture – providing value
  • Create ads in FB that are only seen by your leads or email list

FB Advertising

  • How FB ads work
  • auction system
  • defining audience
  • determining the value of click
  • Ad structure
  • Define and create a campaign
  • Using demographics to create target audience
  • Using FB behaviours – purchases, devises used and intents
  • Targeting your city
  • Construct ads
  • Image sources
    • Editing pictures with Pixlr.com
    • Testing images
  • Picking a lead magnet
    • Offering a product or service
    • Offering an info product
  • Call to Action
  • Text – Title and Description

FB Ads Manager

  • Layout of Manager
  • Use of Manager

FB Analytics

  • Audience Insights
  • Page Insights
  • Custom or Lookalike Audiences