Hastings Bridge Closure Marketing Training

How are you going to survive the drop off in business this winter and spring? This Hastings bridge closure is going to last close to five months.

“Parks Canada advises that the swing bridge located on County Road 45 in the Village of Hastings at Lock 18, will be closed from Monday, January 4 until mid-May 2016…”

With the route to go from one side of the river to the other extended to 35 kilometers, that is going to mean a lot of businesses will see their customers opting for something more convenient. Even though there will be a pedestrian walkway available, those on the south side of town may elect to drive to Campbellford for their shopping and those on the north side may look to Norwood. You won’t be able to stop this entirely, but you can do something to lessen the impact of the Hastings bridge repairs on your business.

Tap Into New Revenue

You can reach out to potential customers who don’t normally buy from you, and you can let your current customers know about offerings you have that they may be unaware of. The easiest way to extend your reach and educate current customers is to do effective online marketing.

On Wednesday, February 1oth, at 6:30pm at the Bridgewater Cafe in Hastings, to fight the bridge closure impact, I will be holding a Hastings Bridge Closure one hour training session to help local businesses get found online. You can see the detailed outline below, but in general terms we will be covering exactly what you need to do to guarantee that when someone goes looking online for a business that can help them solve a problem, your solutions show up. In addition we will be covering some of the many places online where you can make sure your message goes out, even if you don’t have a website. And we will be looking at the free online business listing that Google provides, and how to use it best.

But you don’t just get the training. You also get links to download videos and guide books describing the material that was covered, so you don’t have to worry about forgetting anything. And you will get a step-by-step list of exactly what to do, in what order to get the maximum benefit from the training as well.

All Money Goes to the Hastings Historical Society!

There is no cost for the training, videos, guidebooks, task list. I’m not going to get a penny of it. But if you find the training of value I would appreciate a donation to the Hastings Historical Society. The HHs has done a great job of promoting Hastings over the years and I wanted to help support them. And if your donation is $20.00 or more, you will get a complimentary one year family membership in the Hastings Historical Society as well.

You Think People Know About You? Think Again!

You might think that your business is well known, and that you don’t need to do anything to promote it, but you are probably wrong. I just did a search for “catering in hastings ontario” and below is what I found on Google.

Catering from Hastings restaurants

Google Says No Catering in Hastings, But the 3 Restaurants I Called Up All Offer It. Who Knew?

I called three restaurants in Hastings to ask if they did catering. They all said they did. Why don’t they show up for “catering”? It’s simple. At no location online do they say they offer it. They can easily add “catering” to their business description at multiple free listing locations online. And then Google would know about it.

Same result for “truck repair in hastings ontario”.

Google Says No Truck Repair in Hastings - Wrong

Google Says No Truck Repair in Hastings – Wrong

I bet Doug Irvine and Jamie McIlmoyle would be surprised to know that they don’t show up when some guy wants work done on his Ram 1500 pickup.

These are the first two searches I thought of doing, but I found similar results for plumbers, carpenters, electricians, snow removal, real estate attorneys, home renovations, landscaping, accountants and roof repair. I could probably go on all day. RV parts, water filters, antiques and more don’t show any results, but I know they are available.
Rocketship-1Showing up online is not rocket science. With the  hour of training, my videos, my guidebook, the step-by-step action list that I provide links for, and a few hours of your own time, you can make sure that potential customers aren’t passing you by. How many dollars have you already lost to the Hastings bridge closure, and how many more will you lose this winter, if people are looking for something you want to sell them, and they can’t find you.

Where do folks go if they want something? They go online. If you aren’t there, they won’t find you. And the training I am going to offer is easy enough that your fifteen year old child could do it. Heck, your 70 year old Aunt could do it.

Five months of seriously reduced customer flow because of the Hastings Bridge Closure could kill some businesses. By propping up the traffic through your door until the middle of May I hope to help you hang on. And by ensuring you get a better online presence, I hope to improve your business for the next 2-3 years as the steady stream of new people moving into the area continues to grow.

You spend an hour or so of your time. You get specific training to help in this difficult time. You go home with links to videos, guidebooks, a tasklist and, if you donate $20.00 or more,  a complimentary one year membership to the Hastings Historical Society. Call me right now to register for this training.

Call:  705-931-2223

Email: pstevens2@gmail.com


Part One – Keyword Phrases 

In the first hour I will show you

  • what are “buyer” keywords
  • where can you go to find out keywords that consumers use when they search
  • what are the most common keywords buyers are using
  • how to use keywords online in your text, pictures and videos

I have been paid hundreds of dollars by clients to do just the type of research covered in this first module. This one module alone could be worth the cost of the course, but it’s just the beginning or what you get.

In hour two we look at:

Part Two – Online Directories:

  • how to claim and then optimize the simple free webpages that Google has already created for your business
  • which directories are valuable and which ones are a waste of time
  • what critical information do you need to look for
  • what mistakes in directory listings could keep Google from even showing your business in search results
  • why category listings are important
  • exactly what to list
  • exactly how to list it
  • how to find out exactly which directories your competition uses, and how valuable they are

Call: 705-931-2223

Email: pstevens2@gmail.com


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