How to Build Your Own Website!

Building websites isn’t something I get a lot of pleasure out of. I am not gifted in a graphic design sense. John Charlton, a friend in the business, is infinitely better and charges fair prices for his work. Plus he will host your site which means you have support if glitches occur. If you want a business site, or anything more than a few simple pages, John is the go-to-guy in my book.

Having said that, there are a few situations where you might not need John’s services. Sometimes people don’t want or need anything more than an online brochure. Or money is a significant consideration. Or they just want more control. Or maybe they are interested in doing some work for a non-profit or charitable organization like a church or local club.

If any of these might apply to you, I have a solution. Build your own. It’s not that hard, if you are willing to accept a simple site and are willing to do some easy learning.

WebsiteI am interested in holding a workshop, sometime in the next month or so, that will see you learn how to build, and then actually build a website in about 90 minutes. The workshop will run a little longer than that…maybe three hours…because I want to make sure you understand what you are doing. Everyone who comes to the workshop will leave with a DVD that has over 20 video lessons on it, so any time you forget something you can quickly review whatever part of the process you need to in little bite sized (3-4 minute) videos.

I will be showing you haw to create the basic design you want and also showing you where you can get pre-designed templates to change the look or create the type of website you want. I will be covering how to make sure your website is secure from malware and hackers and how to upload images or video to your site.

Your are going to wind up with your own domain name, and free hosting for your site for 4 months. After that it will cost you about $5.00 a month with a commercial hosting provider.

If you are interested in this workshop, contact me about date and time. I am thinking of using the Civic Center. They have WiFi there and we should be able to actually go through the building process step by step. But there will be some things you need to do ahead of time.

Like select and buy a domain name ($10.00) and get a hosting account set up (free for the first four months, but it takes about 48 hours to get it done.

The websites we will be building are based on the WordPress engine and allow you to have a menu, pages and a blog as well. WordPress sites have a ton of free templates and plugins already developed for them, so if you want to have a newsy site, a picture gallery site, a straight blog post site, or even an eCommerce site, ┬áit’s all possible. Creating contact forms, coming events calendars, and some way for people to buy things from you is all doable.

I am going to charge $50.00 for the workshop and will need 10 people to sign up to cover the cost of the Civic Center, making the DVD’s and putting the presentation together.

If this sounds like something you might be interested in, call me to register, at 705-696-3955, or email me at pstevens2 at

I hope you can attend.

Paul Stevens

Bootstrap Local Marketing


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