How to Get More Customers for Less Money with Online Marketing!

More customers for less money. That is the promise of the internet. But how many business owners in Trent Hills, or any of the other towns in Northumberland County and area, really know how to take advantage of the opportunity? Do you?

I wish it wasn’t this complicated. Put up a website. Add some content. Stand back so you don’t get trampled in the rush. That’s the way it used to be 15 years ago, sort of. Well, a survey in March of 2012 found 644,275,754 different websites, up and active on the internet. As of September 2015 the number is 935,950,654. Almost a billion. If you have one, it’s like a grain of sand on the beach. So how can you get more customers when there is all this competition?

Don’t Give Up

The good news is you don’t have to compete with all of the other nine hundred million plus websites, only the ones who are targeting your customers. If you are doing your online marketing in Cobourg, Port Hope, Trent Hills or Peterborough, you are working in a low competition environment, relatively speaking. Even if you are in a city of 100,000, like Peterborough, you might only have a few dozen competitors. The truth is that most of them don’t know very much about getting their website to the top of the pile. After you have worked your way through some of the content of this website, you will even know more than a lot of website designers, because most web designers are more interested in graphic design than search engine optimization. They don’t even recognize that one of the principle purposes of a website is to get more customers. They are more concerned with making a good impression on visitors to the site, and they believe that is the essence on online marketing.

But a good looking website with no traffic is as useful as a billboard on a dirt road.

You can’t get more customers if they don’t get a chance to see the value of a relationship with you. So stick around. I’m going to show you a few things that should help divert that traffic and make sure it is driving past your store window. I’m going to help give you a chance. And unlike an ad in the newspaper, on the radio, on TV, or a flyer stuffed in a mailbox, when you put resources from your Peterborough or Northumberland County business into online marketing, it stays there and can keep working 24/7 for years.

Look, the best time to hit a prospective client or customer with your unique offer is when they are looking for your service or product because they have a strong desire for it or are feeling some pain that it can cure. In other words, when they go searching. Very few people are suddenly taken with a strong desire for something, and then go thumbing through the newspaper or sit down by the radio, hoping some ad will promise them relief from their pain. Instead, they go to Google. And if your online marketing has taken steps to ensure your good reputation, or your internet content can be found in such a search, you will have a chance to make the sale. Check some of the blog posts. Look in categories like SEO and Directories for quick help.