Keywords for Local Businesses

Local Businesses+Keywords  = $’s in Your Hand

Where's the Pizza Place in Norwood?It is a shame how many businesses are invisible online. Just within the last month I have tried to find a specific pizza place and a specific heating contractor and had no luck. When I go to Google, and type the keywords “pizza norwood ontario” into the search field, and your pizza store in Norwood, Ontario doesn’t show up, I can almost see the dollars flowing down the drain. I mean, there are not a lot of choices in Norwood, so all you have to do is make sure that when I use those keywords your phone number pops into view at the end of the search, and you are going to generate orders.

You can’t expect people driving by to see your sign and then remember your name or how to spell it. You CAN expect them to remember there is a pizza store there, and then to go looking for you on Google and type in a keyword that is germane to their desire for a pizza. If four other choices show up, and you don’t, the other guys are going to get the order. In this particular case, I knew the store was there, I just didn’t have the correct spelling of the name. I wound up driving to the store and ordering at the counter, and then waiting for the pizzas to get cooked because I wanted to try their pizza. Not many people will bother doing that.

Can I Get an HVAC Guy?

I found a similar situation when I wanted someone to work on my propane furnace. I knew someone with an HVAC business that I wanted to contact, I just couldn’t remember the company’s name. No problem I thought, just enter the keywords “furnace repair” into the Google search field. Well the company I wanted didn’t show up. They have been in business for 20 years, they have a website, they should be there, but no luck. I had to phone a few friends to finally get a number I could call. How many thousands of dollars are being lost by that heating contractor? Many thousands.

If you are new to an area, you won’t have the reasons to continue the search that I had. You will take the first, second or third result that turns up in Google. How many people still go to the phone book when they need a contractor? If you can’t be found online, you are losing a ton of money.

Check out the video below for a short discussion of what you need to know about keywords to make sure you get found when people are looking for solutions to problems and are ready to buy.

And if you think your business might be missing out, call me and ask about the workshops I am putting on that provide step-by-step instructions for small local businesses to follow to make sure they get found. Look, you don’t have to be great at marketing to pull ahead of the other guys…you just need to be adequate. And I can show you how to be adequate in just a few hours. Imagine if you, or someone on your staff had the knowledge to ensure you got found on Google searches, for keywords potential customers were using. It is possible. Call me.

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