The Lasting Impact of Video Marketing

Video can have a huge and unexpected impact on any marketing you do, even if it is for a one-off event. I explain everything below.

Video GuyI have been doing some video marketing for for a local auctioneer, and he is very happy. His attendance has gone up between 40-50% in the last year (more bidders), his auctions are lasting 60 – 90 minutes longer (more people bidding) and he is generally filling up his auction hall with salable stuff a day or two earlier (he can afford to be choosier in what he accepts, and maintain a higher quality of items to sell). As I said, he is pretty happy. I charged him a fair price to create a video intro, format and style to his videos and to find the locations online where it made the most sense to use video marketing to promote his auctions. Now he happily pays me a retainer to update the auction information and pop out a new video every week with images of his new items.


One unexpected result of this has been the large number of viewers who watch the auction videos, long after the event is over.

The first video I did for Al was for a great antique auction in December of 2013. By the time the auction day had rolled around YouTube stats indicated that about 400 people had viewed the video. That was great news and a great video marketing impact. Afterall, how many people take the time to watch a video ad, which was just what this video was. Just t5ive to ten more serious attendees at an auction could add anywhere from $500 – $2,000 extra to the final gross. What I didn’t expect was the number of people who would be viewing the video 9 months later. Again, using the YouTube stats, I discovered that the video had been viewed over 30 times in August of 2014, with an average view time of 1 minute and 27 seconds.

Obviously these people are not going to be able to buy anything, or attend an auction that is 9 months in the past, but Al still gets huge benefits from this particular video mrketing effort.

  1. Everyone that sees the video sees the splash page intro, with his auction hall name, address and phone number right up front.
  2. Everyone has a chance to gauge the types, quality and quantity of items that Al has for sale. That could both induce folks to turn up at the auction and also encourage them to list their stuff with him.
  3. Every video also has a description underneath it where Al’s auction hall address and phone number are mentioned. This is find-able by Google and helps to establish his online credentials in Google’s eyes.
  4. Every description also has a call to action encouraging people to call Al and list their items with him, helping to keep his auctions stocked with goodies.
  5. Just by having a dozen or more videos online promoting his auctions, Al is further establishing his credibility in the eyes of both customers and clients when they are deciding where to go to buy or to sell.

Of course, all of these benefits exclude the more obvious current ones like showing folks what is coming up, providing tasty video marketing bait in all the online places where the video links get pasted to attract eyeballs and establishing the habit among the growing crowd of regulars, of sitting down in front of the computer on a Monday evening or Tuesday afternoon to see what will be on offer for the Tuesday night auction.

This technique could be used by anyone who has items or services to sell. A regular parade of short videos featuring existing products (different emphasis each week or month) keeps your offerings in front of the buying public. It’s not rocket science. To see what I mean, go to YouTube and type “Riverside Auction Hall” into the search field.

And start using video to boost your sales, clients, and the number of happy customers who do business with you.

If you are interested in using video for your business, call me at 705-931-2223 or send me an email at pstevens2 at gmail dot com.

Or if you are interested in attending a video training course, so that you can get started doing your own video marketing, using free or low cost tools online, get in touch. I am putting a training course together and expect to be running it in the spring of 2016.

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