Finding More Clients!

Funny how things happen. Suddenly I’ve got more clients knocking on my door. The beginning of the summer was pretty quiet, which suited me quite well, since I was busy with other activities. But in the last month I’ve acquired four new clients and have another three potential ones doing some thinking about the marketing services I offer.

I haven’t specifically made any extraordinary effort to find clients, but it seems that my understated marketing has reached some kind of tipping point. Don’t you find that that’s the way things work. You go along, making some kind of effort at improving or changing things for the better, without much impact. Then suddenly positive change starts coming at you in waves. I haven’t got any scientific studies to prove my point, but that is how it seems to happen, in my experience. It’s good reinforcement for the principle of making small efforts continuously. The┬áJapanese practice of kaizen, or continuous improvement is maybe similar. There is a synergistic energy created when you work to improve things on a regular basis.

Continuous Improvement Model

Your Marketing Efforts Get Better With Time

After a while, all the little efforts start to pay-off. Word of mouth starts occurring. People hear the name of your business and they remember seeing an article about your company in the newspaper. Customers notice the spruced up front of the store. The minor sports team you sponsor gets mentioned in the news and you meet some new potential clients through your volunteer work with the local library. Then you can speak knowledgeably about a marketing practice with a speaker at the next Chamber of Commerce meeting and this leads to a joint venture opportunity. Suddenly you are busier than ever and business is good.

Keep up the local marketing work. Every grain of sand you throw on the Marketing side of the balance scale lifts you businesses visibility a little higher. When you are visible enough, you will get all the business you can handle.


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