Online Classified Advertising – A Viable Marketing Technique

Classified sites are an unappreciated and underused marketing resource available to any business or service. Online classified advertising is free, for the most part. Many classified sites will allow you to use HTML coding to post a live graphic link to your website, video, or other online location. Because these classified sites are typically free, you can post several versions of your ad, being very specific with your title and descriptions. Instead of offering “doors for sale” you can and should specify “French Doors” or “Eight panel doors” or “solid wood doors.” This type of very specific description WILL get picked up by search engines. And because the ads are very similar, after all you are just posting variations of a basic ad, it doesn’t take much longer to post thre eor four targeted ads than it does to post and create just one

A Free Advertising Alternative

Online classified advertising can provide you with an alternate method of getting the word out about your products or services. We all need more arrows in our quiver. And they are free. What’s not to like. Create the ad once and repost as required. It only takes a few seconds to repost.

Here is an Infographic that briefly covers the most important points.

When I look at online classified sites for Peterborough or the Cobourg and Port Hope area, I am struck by the lack of users. You can absolutely dominate your niche. Remember, these ads can be found by Google.

I hope you find this inforgraphic of some interest.

Paul Stevens

Bootstrap Local Marketing

Why Online Classifieds inforgraphic 1

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