Online Video for Local Marketing in Northumberland County

Here’s an example of a simple video ( just a collection of pictures) that can have a great impact.

Antique Auction in Hastings Ontario

With a little promotion through placing classified ads in Belleville, Peterborough, Oshawa and Toronto I was able to generate over 140 views in just a couple of days. For comparison, do a search for “yellowpages peterborough ontario” ( feel free to substitute “oshawa”, “durham”, “kingston”, “pickering” or any other town for “peterborough”). While you may find videos with hundreds of views, you will also find a ton that were put up two years ago with a couple of dozen views.

It’s not enough to put up a video. A flock of potential customers don’t come running just because a video appears. The video must have the correct description, the correct title and it must be promoted properly. What’s more, the promotion must be natural and not paid for views, or Google will not elevate it’s ranking.

Video can be very impactful, but it needs to be done correctly. When you are interested in using online video for local marketing in Northumberland County, or any other relatively restricted geographic area, like Peterborough, Oshawa, Whitby, Kingston etc. you must use geo-modifiers in your description, and be sure to include actual addresses. Google is smart enough to make the connection. Of course, you can help by repeating the name of your town, neighbourhood or area a couple of times.

I hope you find this article of some interest.

Paul Stevens

Bootstrap Local Marketing


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