Video Marketing in Cobourg or Peterborough for Your Small Business

There is no getting around the importance of video to a company’s efforts with local online marketing. If you are doing video marketing in Cobourg or Peterborough or Timbuktu, it doesn’t matter, it is becoming a critical and expected part of marketing. Google bought YouTube a while ago. That tells you something important about how Google views video and search. I have created optimized videos for myself and for clients that made it to the first page, for the targeted keyword phrases, within one hour.

Now, that’s not going to happen for the term “Ford Trucks” but it very possibly could for “Trent Hills Landscaping.” Living in Northumberland County as I do, I am surrounded by businesses that exist in what could be termed a “low competition environment.” Most businesses I talk to in Port Hope, Cobourg, Campbellford, Warkworth or Hastings have no idea how effective video can be in establishing them in their market. Peterborough is a little more competitive, but there is no point in throwing up your hands and giving up. Even if your video doesn’t make it to page one in Google, you could come out on the top of the heap on YouTube, the second largest search engine in the world. Or you could use your video for your Facebook page and Facebook ads. Video marketing is huge on Facebook, partly at least because the Facebook ad cost structure depends on viewer engagement. And viewers love to click on videos. More clicks on your video ad means lower cost for you.

Here’s a video clip from someone who knows what they’re talking about. It is important that you listen and try and understand what he is saying. It is important for your business now and in the future. Broken down, his message is “use video, or get swamped when your competition does, and then your only recourse will be to start playing catch-up.”

If you are a local business, do yourself a favour. Search for your service or product + the name of your town or city(remember to sign out of your Google account if your name or email address is showing up in the upper right hand corner of the Google search page). Here’s an example of what I mean. Type into the search field “car repair Cobourg” or “tree removal Port Hope” and see what comes up. Any videos? Probably not. And yet, Google gives a high preference to video results, knowing that people like video. If your business had a video about your product or service, the odds are that it would show up on the first page of Google, for that search, if it was optimized properly. Does your business show up on the first page? If not, a properly optimized video is probably the easiest way to get there. Most businesses are not using video marketing in any way, shape or form in Northumberland County, or Peterborough for that matter.

I think part of the problem is that some local businesses were bitten badly by the Yellow Pages marketing team. If you do a search like “YPGCanada Cobourg” (feel free to substitute the name of your own town, like “YPGCanada Peterborough” for instance) and then scroll through the videos, you will see a bunch like the one for “Peterborough West Animal Hospital – Peterborough”

This video has been up there for 4 years and has 35 views. Companies paid the video producers to have the videos made and I understand they also paid for monthly hosting, as part of a package plan. The videos all live on the Yellow Pages channel and the link in the video description is not back to the hiring companies website, but to the Yellow Pages ad. Yellow Pages made and hosted the video, but they did nothing to make it find-able in a Google search, so what good is it? For it to get found, a company would have to tell their customers to go home and then look for it. That’s backwards. You want your video marketing to point potential customers at you, not for you to point existing customers at it.

Obviously, the simplest thing to do is to hire someone (like me for instance) to create video for you. But if you are a D-I-Y type, or have an employee or family member who has a hankering to learn online video production, then you might be interested in this.

I recently bought the rights to a training package that shows anyone with a computer and internet access how to make decent videos for online use. It includes a module on using free tools, as well as including basic directions on how to use those tools.  Altogether the total package contains almost 8 hours of training, but the quick start guide takes 60 minutes to finish and is enough to have you up a making videos in no time.

Here’s a run down on what’s included. Each module is broken down into easily digestible, 5 – 15 minute long videos.

1. Quick Start Guide – 60 minutes

2. Screen Recording – 45 minutes

3. Webinars – 48 minutes

4. Home Studio Recording – 21 minutes

5. Mobile Recording – 30 minutes

6. Editing – 70 minutes

7. Hosting – 39 minutes

8. YouTube Video Series – 45 minutes

9. Ten Free Tools – 30 minutes

Included in this package are two wonderful bonuses. The first bonus is a group of 500 Royalty Free music tracks. Video is always better with music, at least for the intro and outro. Normally, to avoid copyright infringement and possible legal trouble, you would have to either compose original music or buy the rights to use some. Well, now you don’t have to because you can just pick something from this huge package.

The second bonus is a complete users guide to Audacity, the Internets best and favourite no-cost music editing software. Audacity comes with “help” files, but this  33 page manual shows you the ins and outs in a much friendlier format.

If you think you might like to “roll your own” videos, then contact me for more information on this training product. I’m pricing it at $27.00 right now. All files are digital and I could shoot you a disk or send you a download link if you have high speed and time to kill on your computer.  Everything comes to around 2.6 Gigabytes of digital goodness.

That’s enough talk. It’s time to start video marketing. Remember, perfection isn’t required, but action is.

Paul Stevens