Video Marketing Test Case – Results

It’s only fair for me to tell you how things turned out with my test case for online video marketing. The video marketing and website combo generated a few results. I had four serious inquiries about the book. Each of the inquiries was from collectible book sellers. Two of them found me through the video and two from the website. So the video doubled my leads total.

As I noted in my original article about this test case, instead of the much simpler task of trying to market locally in Northumberland County for the towns of  Trent Hills, Cobourg, Port Hope or Warkworth, I was trying to rank for a valuable and well known (in the art world) book, against older and far more established websites like Abebooks and even Amazon.

I just checked today, and after signing out of Google, closing Gmail and YouTube (so Google doesn’t deliver results that it thinks Paul Stevens might want to see) I searched for “Man Ray Photographs 1920-1934 Paris” with the quotes, and found that I still had 2 results on the first page of Google (out of 10 results showing) with the website ranked #2 and the video ranked #3. That’s ahead of two Amazon listings and I will take that. And I haven’t done anything to the video or website in a year. In addition I have three results on page two of Google, one of them a video and the other a slide show the video was created from.

Just for interests sake, I did sell the book to a book dealer in Northumberland County, for $800.00. He asked me to leave the videos and website up and refer any other inquiries to him, which I did.

So, my original conclusion stands after over a year; if you are looking to get found on Google, consider video marketing. My videos are each about one minute long. The description associated with the video helps ensure it is optimized for Google, so put some time and effort into writing a great description. Good luck.

If you are a small business thinking about improving your marketing, I hope this article has helped inspire you to take a serious look at video marketing.

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