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Your Own Online Marketing Department for $200.00!

This Step-By-Step Training Enables Anyone To Get Their Company Noticed Online…In Six Weeks Or Less!

What if you had your own local online marketing department and could avoid paying the hefty $50-$100 per hour “Agency” fees?

  • Has Google just disappeared you from the first page of their search results.
  • Is your business “Missing in Action” online?
  • Do you think there are only two choices for your business…stay lost or spend big?
  • You’re wrong. You DO have a choice.

My name is Paul Stevens and I help small businesses show up online when somebody searches for their products or services. While doing this, I have made a big discovery…

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A lot of businesses had a hard time meeting my fees

I couldn’t understand it. A company might be willing to spend $400.00 a month or more, on a Yellow Page ad that nobody ever saw.

But they thought $1200.00 was too much to spend for online marketing to get their business up in the Google search results, get listed in the most important business directories, and have me create a couple of 60 second online video commercials.

Eventually I realized that they were nervous:

• they didn’t understand what I really did.
• they didn’t understand the process
• they weren’t sure that even if I did what I told them I could do, it would make a difference.

Local Online Marketing is Not Rocket Science

Local Online Marketing is Not Rocket Science

Let me clue you in to a few facts.
Small business marketing is not rocket science.
It takes time to learn, and there are many different approaches, but most small businesses do such a lousy job of marketing that even by being “adequate” they can leap ahead of the competition.

Do You Do Marketing, or Advertising?

Most small businesses don’t really do ANY marketing. They just buy advertising. They pay monthly rates for high cost Yellow Pages listings. They buy display ads in the newspaper. They pay for spots on someone’s map or tourist brochure. And then they hope that a potential

Newspaper Display Ads Get Ignored

How Effective Are Display Ads?

client is in a buying mood when they come across the ad.

Real marketing involves researching your target audience, identifying the best way to reach them, crafting a message that speaks to their wants and needs, and delivering that message in a form and shape that will interest and engage them when they are feeling some pain and looking for a solution to a problem. When a potential customer is suffering from a problem and you show up with answers, them pulling out their wallet is automatic.

Doing all that work could take a marketer weeks, and cost you thousands of dollars if you were to hire a marketing agency to do it for you. But whether you know it or not, you have a tremendous advantage over all of the marketers out there.

You are already up to your neck in your particular business. You know it inside and out. You deal with customers looking for and buying your service or product every day. You know what kind of problems they face and you know the solutions. You have already internalized information it would take a marketer days to learn. Days that would cost you $100.00/hour just so the marketer could get to ground zero.

Catherine Hawley – Five Stars

I finally understand on-line marketing! Thanks to Paul Stevens’ one-day workshop “Be Your Own Marketing Department.” It is a concise, detailed and easy-to-follow guide for on-line promotion of any small business…BEST value for understanding and implementing a proven successful strategy to increase business.

Have You Been Disappeared by Google?

This past July Google changed how they show search results. Before, when someone searched for a local business, Google would serve up the local seven-pack…seven businesses, listed A through G, with red icons showing them on a map, and their addresses and phone numbers, right there, on page one of the results.

Roofers Cobourg

Now that seven-pack is gone, replaced by the three-pack.

Four Businesses Got Disappeared by Google

Four Businesses Got Disappeared by Google

In one stroke, Google disappeared 57% of local businesses from appearing above the fold on a potential customer’s computer, tablet or mobile phone screen. 57%! Gone? Did this happen to you? Does someone now have to click through to another screen to find your business? How do you think that is going to work out?

I’ve Spent the Money and You Can Save

Directions for Online Marketing

Complete Directions for Online Marketing Success

I have been doing small business local marketing for five years now and have worked with dozens of clients.

I have spent thousands of dollars on research and training in that time. And I have developed a systematic approach to completing the tasks it takes to improve a business’s online presence.

And I want to show you how to do it. That means you don’t have to start from scratch. Because I can demonstrate to you the exact steps it takes to spring your business into search engine prominence.

Natasa Djordjevic. – Five Stars

The seminar that I attended was programmed for local businesses, and I could not find more appropriate presentation for my needs and wants. The lecture saved me weeks of my own research on how to plan my marketing strategy. Now I have all the basics and overall system and directions on which I will build up the future marketing of my company. His professional dedication to us listeners was admired by all present. Looking forward to his lectures in the future.


And by exact steps I mean exactly that…the specific steps any small business needs to take to achieve effective online marketing impact. Along with the demonstrations come explanations of why you are doing them, how to do them and how often. I can show all of this to you in six modules lasting about 60 minutes each, in one day from 9:00 to 3:30 (with a break for lunch) for just $300.00. By contacting me about upcoming workshops you can take action to get your own online marketing department.

Whether your business is currently operating in Peterborough, Cobourg, Port Hope, Campbellford, Havelock, Norwood, Hastings, Warkworth or anyplace in Northumberland County (or anywhere else for that matter), you can:

  • improve your online visibility in the search engines
  • understand how customers are searching for you
  • pull ahead of your competitors
  • get more business even if you can’t “out market” your biggest competition for the search phrase “your business type in yourtown.”

 Where do People Go to Find Answers?

Answer me this, where do people go automatically when they need to find a business or service? Where do YOU go when you are looking for the answer to a problem?  That’s right. Google. And if your business doesn’t show up when someone searches for your products or services in Google, you are flushing money down the toilet

Who Uses the Yellowpages Anymore?

Who Uses the Yellowpages Anymore?

What happens if you shell out three hundred bucks for an ad in the newspaper? Or worse, every month for an ad in the Yellow Pages? Well, let me ask you this question. Have you trained your eyes to skip over ads in the newspaper? Sure you have, and now it’s as automatic as fast forwarding through commercials on the PVR. The newspaper marketing department will tell you one ad isn’t enough. They’re right. You need to run that ad for a couple of months to start making an impression, and build “Brand” awareness.

And the Yellow Pages? How many people do you know that actually use the Yellow Pages? And how much are you spending for your Yellow Page ad every month?

I want that all to change for you.

Louise Nettleton – Five Stars

​If you want to take your online business presence to the next level then you need to attend the one-day marketing course presented by Paul Stevens of Bootstrap Marketing.  Paul touches upon all the key areas that you need to first address and reviews the material at a pace that makes it easy to learn.  I was amazed at the material we touched upon in just one-day.  This workshop is worth every penny! The CD material is invaluable – that in itself was worth the price of the ​seminar!

You Don’t Need a Website!

The truth is, if you have a website, great. You MAY have a bit of an advantage over a company that doesn’t. But even if you don’t have a website, you can still rise to the top of the heap for search engine rankings, ahead of your local competition, as long as you are correctly doing your online marketing. The six workshop modules will cover exactly what you need to do to increase your chances of being found online, even if you don’t have a website, but if you do have one, they will also make your website much more effective.

How About Helping Your Own Kids Earn $30.00/hour?

Maybe you have a retail outlet, or a service business; you can’t really hire your children to work for you if they aren’t trained properly. Sure it would be nice if you could pay them a little something, but if they are costing you money because they don’t have the knowledge or skill, you can hardly afford to take them on for a couple months in the summer. But what if they could learn how to work for you from anyplace… from home or from a student residence? What if the work they did actually helped to make you money by getting the attention of potential customers or clients? What if their work helped to boost your company’s name higher up the search engine ranking?

I absolutely guarantee that the skills and knowledge I can teach them will make you happy to pay them $30.00/hour or more for their time. Realistically, 2-5 hours of work a week, whether it is done by you, your staff or your child, will make a tremendous difference to your online exposure. (And help pay for their education without them having to say “Would you like fries with that?) They could learn actual marketable skills that they can use to help you now, and themselves in the future.

Session One – Keyword Phrases 

In the first one hour session I will show you

  • what are “buyer” keywords
  • where you can go to find out keywords that consumers use when they search
  • what are the most common keywords buyers are using
  • how to use keywords online in your text, pictures and videos

(At the end of the workshop everyone taking the course will be given a list of actions to take when they leave. Some of these actions will immediately start to improve your search engine ranking and your chance of getting found by hungry, purchase ready consumers. Attendees will leave the workshop with a DVD which includes workbooks and videos of all the module presentations in case they need a refresher of what was covered in the workshop. They also get digital worksheets listing exactly what has to be done, and in what order )

I have been paid hundreds of dollars by clients to do just the type of research covered in this first module. This one module alone could be worth the cost of the course, but it’s just the beginning of what you get.

In subsequent modules we will explore:

Session Two – Competitive Intelligence

  • how to do competitive intelligence analysis in your specific niche
  • how to find out what the top businesses in your field are doing right now
  • how to look at your local competition and find out how you can market yourself better than them.

The simplest and fastest way to become successful is to model success and we will cover that in the first module.

Session Three – Online directories:

  • how to claim and then optimize the simple free webpages that Google has already created for your business
  • which directories are valuable and which ones are a waste of time
  • what critical information do you need to look for in every directory listing your business shows up in
  • what mistakes in directory listings could keep Google from even showing your business in search results
  • why category listings are important
  • exactly what about your business to list
  • exactly how to list it
  • how to find out exactly which directories your competition uses, and how valuable they are

Session Four – Reputation Marketing

  • what is your reputation
  • how and where to use your reputation
  • how to ask for reviews
  • how to recover from a bad reputation

Having no reviews online or bad reviews online are functionally equivalent. A consumer will wonder, if you are actually a trusted company providing full value, why hasn’t anyone said so?

Testimonials, written or video, and online reviews at the big four review locations can make or break your business.

Session Five – Using Online Properties Other Than a Website:

How to use online properties OTHER than a website, whether you have a website or not:

  • content sharing sites like Slideshare, Scibd and others
  • video sites like YouTube and Daily Motion
  • picture storage sites like Flickr and Picasa
  • even audio sites like Podomatic or Ourmedia.org

Online content at respected online sites is “search engine bait” that will help your business get found when consumers are looking to buy

Session Six – Creating Content for Online Properties:

As I mentioned above, to get found online, you need content. Creating content from nothing is a pain, unless you take the simple steps I outline in this module. With the instructions and templates I provide, content creation becomes automatic. Plus, we cover how to get your customers to create content for you.

  • articles
  • image albums
  • using images on your Google + page and your website
  • the importance of videos

Never Forget What You Learn

Remember, everyone who comes to my workshop will go home with videos of the presentations, outlining everything that was demonstrated during that workshop. They will also get digital workbooks and worksheets that explain all the concepts and techniques covered in each session, with text and illustrations and that can be printed out. I lay the various tasks out in a step-by-step fashion in this material, so the attendee can’t get lost. They will get templates they can use to help create content to use online. They will get links to free online tools and software that will simplify and speed up their actions. All of these resources, and more that I am still assembling, will be burned onto their own personal data disk, so they don’t have to worry about remembering urls or getting coffee spills on training material.

Finally, at the end of the workshop sessions, I will schedule and then sit down with each business owner/manager for at least an hour to go over what has been covered and provide a business specific, one-on-one consultation. During this consultation I will help them to put their online marketing efforts into context. In effect I will be giving you a blueprint on exactly what you need to be doing over the next few months to achieve and maintain a superior position in the search engine results.

Let me emphasize…this consultation will not be a selling session to get you to buy something else from me. I will provide actionable, tailored-to-your-business advice that you can use immediately. If you want more from me, great. I have room to take on a few more clients, depending on what they need, but YOU will have to bring it up because I won’t. If you would like to learn more about this incredible opportunity (letting me train your own Marketing Department) or have any questions, please send me an email or give me a call.

It really is just $200.00 for your own marketing department. That’s less than $35.00 a module, and every session has tremendous value. As a special incentive, if you wish an additional person to attend, they can get in for half price. So you and an employee, you and a child or other family member, or two of your staff…whatever combo you want. The second person gets all the same training, and their own copy of the resource disk, all for only an extra $1o0.00. If you want a third person to attend, same deal, only $1o0.00 extra.

Imagine the impact of having you or someone on your staff spend 2-3 hours a week making sure your business can get found online. And it won’t cost you $100.00/hour…just their current hourly wage. Imagine how they will feel when their work actually starts directly impacting the business, and it’s because of their direct effort? Imagine the sense of ownership in your business that will be created in their minds. When an employee feels a connection between what they do and the success of the business, they are a much better employee.

Absolutely Risk Free

I am offering a complete guarantee on this offer. If you apply the knowledge I provide, and you don’t see a significant improvement in your online presence, you will get every dollar of your money back. Guaranteed. So there is absolutely no risk to you. Why wouldn’t you give this a shot?

Call me, today. And sign up for your own marketing department. Remember, it can all start for you the day you finish your first workshop. Call or email me today, and take the first step towards making your business findable online. You really need this information.

Paul Stevens

Bootstrap Local Marketing




This workshop will really give you 90% of everything you need to boost your businesses online presence. At the lowest price possible. I can confidently tell you that if you apply what you are going to learn, you will have done more for your businesses marketing than 95% of the other businesses out there.